About Nuria...



I believe everything happens for a reason.  People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they are right... and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"
- Marilyn Monroe

            My Background...


My father is from Galicia, Spain while my mother is a New Zealander.  I grew up in New Zealand but have been lucky enough to have been well travelled since I was 6 with a stint living in Spain then Scottland where I fell in love with Highland Dancing.  I returned to New Zealand and danced Ballet until I was 13, & Highland until I finished my exams when I was 19.  I competed in Sport Aerobics from 11-19 & moved on to loving hip hop & trying contemporary from the end of high school onwards.

The latin side of me loves to eat & cook.  More importantly I see food as a cultural pleasure & prefer to enjoy eating with company of friends & family when not competing.

I have had several nasty injuries, the most significant being an ACL rupture which was repaired in early 2009.  These challenges have changes how I train but never my love for training.

I have always been an animal person, I currently have a little Chihuahua called Leo who is 7 & a once abandoned cat called Luca who I took in when she was about 12 weeks old.





            My Philosophy...

My approach to training, eating & competing for myself and clients is "health first".  I am not into quick fixes or short cuts, they are never the answer for progress if you want to maintain it.

I believe in making lifesyle changes at a rate that is manageable rather than overwhelming. 

I make sure all my clients are healthy & fit to train before starting new training or nutrition plans.

I believe in a balanced approach, even when there are goals set & targets to meet it's important to look after your stress levels & emotional health along the way.





My Goals...

My own goals are always about simply being MY BEST, & my best under the circumstances.  Every show I have competed in has presented different challenges, some I have had injures or health issues to work round, others I have gone through relationship break ups or lost people close to me.

Each show I have tried my best, of course I have had slip ups, bad days & learnt along the way but that is all part of the journey to me.

I competed in my last amateur show in 2011 & have competed in four Pro shows since.  Two in the "Figure" class & Two in "Women's Physique", two of these I was not happy with but I still learnt a lot from each experience. 

I am loving the newer Women's Physique division, & plan to compete in my fifth Pro show towards the end of 2014. 

Competing aside, my life goals are to travel, enjoy as many experiences & meet as many people as possible.  Try different foods, learn about other cultures, embrace friendships, love animals, write & never stop growing as a person.

To be a support person & someone people can speak to when they are in need of some help.  To continue to work on my Women's Seminar Series & grow this project as I feel it's an area of importance & I have life experience that has given me a good understanding of mental, emotional as well as physical health which results in empathy.