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Women's Seminar Series

To see women setting healthy and realistic goals, and make progress they can both be proud of and learn to maintain.  For women to want to improve themselves, but also to accept themselves and embrace who they are, their bodies, what they look like but more importantly what they can do.  To see women learning to let go of feelings of guilt and resentment towards themselves and their bodies and instead find ways to create balance and feel at peace with who they are.

To reach out and communicate with as many women as possible, by sharing stories, information and ideas.  By creating a supportive positive environment for women to get together I hope to provide women who may be struggling with feelings of doubt, guilt and pressure a place they can go to get support and feel welcomed and understood while they work on their individual goals and challenges.  For women in the fitness industry to be able to openly discuss their thoughts and concerns in a positive support based environment.

To connect with women each month, basing the seminar series in Auckland, I also plan on holding them in Christchurch.  To have 100+ women attend the seminar series by the end of 2014 and continue to build on this project in 2015. 


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