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Online Competition Coaching

I never thought I would be on stage in front of a thousand people in a teeny bikini & there is no way I could have persisted enough to achieve it without you. 

You gave me the idea for the goal & mentored me physically & mentally every step of the way. 

Without your words of encouragement & hard words, I would not have made it on stage - many times I thought I would quit but a quick shove from you saw me on stage & happy with myself. 

I have learnt so much about both myself & the nutrition my body requires & I can't actually wait to be eating my meat & veggies again tomorrow.  This prep made me realize that junk food is always there & available in small portions but it honestly just isn't very satisfying! 

I've grown as a person & my love for whole foods has flourished as a result of your nutrition advice.  I want you to know that I appreciate your hard work & that I am HAPPY! Thank you :)

- Hannah Cain, Christchurch, 21 yrs old
(Online Competition Preparation)






Online Services - Nutrition Coaching

I am soooooooooo excited Nuria! You have real food, nothing to buy or search for & I get to have chocolate 3x a week!
I am a VERY happy lady right now! Will be contacting you again next week to work on another meal!

I had tried a nutrition plan but was no sugar, whole foods only, there were only clean cheat ideas and it was using lots of ingredients that I had to search for and were very costly & my kids & hubby thought half the stuff tasted like crap!

I love the fact that you allow me to be able to have treats, it makes my kids learn about balance!!!

Thank you so much and I look forward to working on Dinner & Breakfast over the next couple of weeks &then maybe into training!

- Lisa Durney, Online Nutrition Coaching Client



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